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Songs of Seven Cups 七碗茶诗








Original Poem (Excerpt)
"Songs of Seven Cups" 

by Lu Tong from Tang Dynasty

The first cup of tea kisses the throat;
The second cup shatters the wall of solitude;
The third cup explores the dry stream and opens up the poetry of my soul;
The fourth cup evaporates with the rest of world;
The fifth cup penetrates and sharpens the body;
The sixth cup calling;
And the seventh cup slowly sits steaming; the wind under my skin.

(English Translation by Haotian Wang)

Audio Works

7 sound works based on "Songs of Seven Cups" + 7 podcasts

Yellow Tea

Tea Room (2023)

Documentary, Sound, 2-Channel

Visual Works

"Poems on a Tea Cake"

CHATEE (Word Search Game)


I hosted 2 series of performances in New York and Chicago.

(1) Immersive Sonic Meditation @Gaia Nomaya, New York City

Guided meditation session based on Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening teachings + Music performance + Poetry reading

(2) Tea: Story of the Leaves @Elastic Arts, Chicago + @Wirtz Theater, Chicago

A 75-minute performance exploring immersive music performance (Live Ambient Set) + Tea ceremony.


The work aims to create an embodied experience that creates an open, communal space for deep listening, meditation, and healing.

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Tea Room

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