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Tree Shadows on Wall


May. 29th, 2024
Tea: Story of the Leaves - CLEAT Series Performance @Elastic Arts Chicago

Apr.13th, 2024
Ambient Jam @Living Water Tea House

Feb. 9th + Feb. 10th 2024
"Tea: Story of the Leaves" - Performance @Wirtz Theater

Dec. 22nd, 2023
Performance @Living Water Tea House

Nov. 17th, 2023
Traces Film Festival - Live Performance for Silent Film "Austerity Measures"

Apr 24 - May 9. 2023
Gallatin Graduating BA Show Gallery Exhibition: Tea Room

Aug.18th 2022
Breaking Sound Unpublished Series @Kobrick Coffee

July.13th 2022
The Bowery Electric - Album Release Show

Apr.10th 2022
Gallatin Arts ​Festival 2022

Jan.22nd 2022
Winter Concert: A Harmonic Encounter (Zoom)

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