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Commissioned Works - Score / Sound Design


2024 "The Container" from SAIC Graduate Exhibition | Composer

2024 Acceleration | Musician, Assistant Sound Designer

2024 Befriending (Short Film) | Foley Artist, Engineer 

2023 Long Day's Journey into Night (Short Film) | Sound Designer, Post-production Mixer 

2023 Railscape (Narrative Game) | Theme & Gameplay Music Composer, Post-production Mixer

2022 Riddle or - A Child’s Bestiary of Mountains and Seas (Animation) | Co-composer, Post-production Mixer

2022 Yuwell Medical Appliances & Supply (Sonic Branding) | Composer, Product Sound Designer

2021 The 44th World Heritage Committee, Fuzhou (Commercial) | Sound Designer

2021 Happy Stones and Friends (Animation) | Main Theme Arranger, Post-production Mixer

2021 Radio Host Zhang Ming Face-to-Face with Global Music Stars (Podcast) | Post-production Mixer

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