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“Decorated with sophisticated field recordings and inventive production techniques, The Bridge in The Mountain's Hands (A Travelog) is a snapshot of a young artist successfully developing his sensibilities and talents in environmental ambience and candid acoustic balladry.”

No Transmission

“I'm liking this blend of warm electronics & Asiatic acoustic instrumentation with its almost New Age vibes. It's a bit of an album anomaly as the rest of the tracks flirt around singer songwriter & folk rock genres, but I have to admit to being drawn to it as it's a rare slice of underground Chinese music infiltrating the West.”

The Slow Music Movement

“Combining Chinese folk music, ambient, & spoken-word poetry, Haotian has made a gorgeous, enveloping travelogue.”

Bandcamp "New and Notable"

150 Words Bio

Haotian Wang is a multidisciplinary artist, songwriter, and composer originally from Yunnan, China. His songwriting can be seen as episodes of music diary and documentary with vivid audio storytelling. His music makes poetic observations and explores themes of memory, travel, and identity, with a blend of indie/traditional folk music, ambient, and field recordings.
Haotian has been crafting his unique folk-inspired music since 2019, releasing singles and performing during his time in New York and Chicago. His official debut album The Bridge in The Mountain's Hands (A Travelog) interweaves Chinese folk music, ambient, and spoken-words and receives recognition as “Bandcamp New and Notable Album” in August 2022.
With a laptop, field recorder, microphone, and diary entries, Haotian has successfully produced, mixed, and mastered all personal projects and discography over the past few years. In 2024, he will be releasing his sophomore album with a new set of collaborations with musicians around the world. Stay tuned.

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