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My works combine sound, poetry, documentary, and happening to discuss themes of diaspora, identity, and memory. Employing meditation, healing, and multi-sensory design, I explore various formats of open space in which art can contribute to community and cultural exchange. 


I intend to create a space holding feelings and stories while resonating with histories. My art indicates the evolution from my Hani ethnic minority to a global citizen in intercultural dialogues. Focusing on humanities, my works elaborate on my daily encounters from tea ceremonies to border town fairs, and collect them as poetic assemblages. Referencing ancient Chinese poetry and folklore in Yunnan, I hope to reframe overlooked traditions and transform them into novel sensorial experiences.


In the interdisciplinary art project Tea Room, I explore the intricate relationship between nature and city, individual and society, past and present. Inspired by “Songs of Seven Cups,” a poem by Tang-dynasty poet Lu Tong, the project delves into the multi-sensory experience of tea drinking as a means of healing and connection. The documentary serves as a storyteller, inviting viewers to engage in conversations, to contemplate, to introspect, and to build a bridge between individuals, communities, and cultures.








Please reach out to for commission or collaboration.

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